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Euro Mixed Value Counter

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Multi-Function Cash Unit with Time Delay Lock

Multicurrency Conterfeit Detector

Professional Value Counter

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IR Money Detector

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Banknote Binder

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Euro Mixed Value Counter


» Mixed Euro counting

» Detection: UV, MG, IR, Size

» Show the pcs of each denomination

» Show the total value

» Denomination sort function

» Batch/Add function

» Auto/Manual function





Weight: 5.8 kg

Aplicable Notes:                  Width: 50-90 mm

                                               Length: 110-180 mm

                                               Thickness: 0.075-0.15 mm

Dimension: 300x253x206 mm

Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min

Stacker Capacity: 200 Banknotes

Hopper Capacity: 200 Banknotes

Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz, AC110V±10% 60Hz

Power Consumption: ≤80W









Euro counterfeit detector


» Semi-automatic, accurate euro detector with value counting.    

» Easy to update software by USB connection.    

» Shows the total sum and number of accepted banknotes counted

» Insert the banknotes at any directions   

» Portable operation with built-in rechargeable battery (optional)

» Portable operation with built-in rechargeable battery (optional)   




» Detection: magnetism,infrared,image,paper quality,thickness,size

» Dimension: 155*137*82(mm)

» Power Supply: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz or DC 12V/1.0A

» Operating temperature: 0~40

» Storage temperature: -20~65

» Storage temperature: -20~65

» Battery (optional):  rechargeable lithium battery 11.1V/3500mAH

» Power Consumption: <10W

 » Speed: <0.5s/sheet






Multi-functional Cash Unit EMS


“Simplified multi-function Cash Till Unit”

• Ideal for banks, post offices, gas stations …

• Suitable for banknotes, coins, checks, cards, documents …

• Button controlled operating

• Time delay lock for each drawer

• Tested construction and grade “A” lock

• Extensible deposit panel available

• Silent alarm with blocking system

• ISO 9001



EMS Security Units are designed to provide an increased cash security during working hours.

They provide tested physical and psychological protection. Affordable price enables using them for each cashier.

It provides different philosophy of security than expensive and heavy safes.

EMS units consist of two main parts – steel box and drawer modules. The front panels of drawers are reinforced with 6 mm thick steel sheets.

There are 2 standard models of EMS – 3 drawer versions with fixed or extensible deposit slot.


What do EMS units offer to you?

 Increasing security for your cashiers and valuables

 The most effective protection during working hours

 The best solutions for “open” banks



• Tested construction and grade A lock

• Fixed or extensible deposit slot

• Time delay for each drawer from 0 to 100 min

• Automatic or confirmed opening of all drawers

• Silent alarm activation and blocking system

• Alarm output NO/NC

• ISO 9001 quality management



Technical data:

Time delay settings:

0-100 min for each drawer

External blocking:

yes, 10/30 min

Number of drawers:

2 or 3

Standard color:

gray RAL 7035

Power supply:

110 - 230/15V, 2A, CE

Dimensions (H × W × D):

690* × 500 × 530 mm, *height adj. + (0 - 30 mm)


80 kg

Internal volume

96 l






Multi-Currency Money Detector


Features & Functions:

1. Recognize currency and denomination automatically, no need to be manual selected.

2. Up to 4-6 currencies (include US Dollar) can be detected at the same tim,.such as GBP,

Russian Ruble, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen,  Polish Zloty,

Swedish Krona, Turkish Lira, Norway Krone, Danish Krone, South African Rand etc. 

3. Built-in Lithium rechargeable battery (optional): 10.8V, 600mAh, For portable usage. 

4. Support sound and light alarming for fake notes. 

5. Can upgrade software via USB cable.

6. The passing passage can be opened and easy to clean inside sensors. 

7. It has compact design and lower passing noise.



Color: Black or else    

Model Size: 15.5x13.7x8.2 cm

N.W./PC: 0.575 KG

Voltage: 220V 








Banknote Value Counter


General description


With CIS image sensor which can update all issuing new Euro notes.

 High reliability counterfeit detection with MT/UV/IR detection: thanks to a sophisticated detection system,

 this unit controls Quality and type of paper, through a IR/UV radiation source.

 MT detection: detection of security thread provides a high level of counterfeit detection.

 IR detection: detects counterfeit notes by reading the reaction to infrared radiation exposure.

 This Note Counter can also operate with US dollars and other currencies.



 * With CIS image sensor including IR detection

 * Value counter by CIS image sensor technology

 * Mixed denomination counting note counter

 * Authentication function strengthened by IR/UV/MG

 * Outstanding CF Detection

 * Easy upgrade, upgrade by U disk

 * ECB successfully tested





Counting speed:

1000(image)/1200/1500 notes/min



Note size:

110x50~180x90 mm

Batch range:


Hopper / Stacker capacity:

200 pcs / 200 pcs


270 × 250 × 230 mm


5,7 kg

Power supply:

99-245 V / 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:

60 W (max)







Two Pockets Non-Stop Multi-Currency Value Sorter


Product Features


 * With two CIS image including IR detection

 * Non-stop counting with reject pocket

 * Value counter by image sensor technology

 * Mixed denomination counting note counter

 * Authentication function strengthened by IR/UV/MG

 * Face and Orients banknotes

 * Improved feeding Mechanism easy jam removal

 * Low noise with counting

 * ECB successfully tested


The following country’s currencies are supported:

EURO, USD, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Swaziland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Lesotho,

 Malawi,Sierra Leone, RMB, GBP, Switzerland, Argentina, Burundi, India, Ukraine, Ghana,

Mexico, Namibia , Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, JP$, Columbia, Moroccan Dirham, XAF,

Canada, Taiwan , Australia, Venezuela , Burma , Singapore, CZK, Sweden , Norway

Technical Specification:

Counting speed:

900 notes/min(MDC MODE), 1000 notes/min(SDC and CNT MODE)

Size of Countable notes:

Minimum 110 x 60 mm

Maximum 185 x 90 mm

Thickness 0.08~0.12 mm

Feed system:

Roller Friction System

Hopper / Stacker capacity:

Approx 800 pcs / 200 pcs

Reject Stacker Capacity:

Approx.50 notes (Adjustable from 25~100 notes)


270 × 250 × 230 mm


5,7 kg

Power supply:

AC 100 ~ 240V + 10% 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

Maximum 1.8A(100~240 VAC) 120 W


RS232C, USB2.0






IR Counterfeit Detector


Product Features


 * IR detection

 * Dual wavelength

 * For table or wall installation

 * Pinch energy

 * LCD Display 4,3”

 * Weight only 0,37 kg








UV Counterfeit Detector

















Banknote Binder



Features & Functions:


Instant heat, No warm-boot, open then can direct use

Tape can be mobilized with elastic binding

The number of real-time display

Check without paper function, eliminate paper jams caused by the phenomenon of repeated feed

Automatic fault detection and display

On the clear up-case,tape usage at a glance




Binding adjustment range of the center of the tape10-83mm

Use tapeThe factory produced the W20-160 tape

Binding speedone times<2 seconds

Use power110-220VAC/50-60Hz

Consumption max50w,standby 10w

Weight 6.5kg

Dimension 270mm×220mm×255mm (L×W×H)






Coin Counter/Sorter


Detailed parameters of the machine:


Environmental temperature


Environmental humidity


Funnel capacity

Max 400 units

Batched preset number display

2 numbers LCD

Counting digital display

6 numbers LCD

Power Supply

AC circuit 220 V / 50 Hz



Speed of separating the coins

240-270 pcs/min





Multi Value Counter



Main Features:


* Full Image Sensor (6CH Full CIS) installed

 * Multi value count (USD; EUR and local currency – up to 15 currencies

 * Advanced counterfeit detection by CIS, IR, UV, MG

 * User friendly interface with mini Control menu on 3,5” TFT color display

 * Enhanced self diagnostic system & easy upgrade by memory stick

 * Serial number printing





1000 notes/min (Value Count)

4 selectable speeds 800/1000/1250/1500 notes/min

Count Mode

Mixed/Single/Piece count


3,5 inch TFT Color LCD

Dimension (mm)

292(W) x 251(D) x 244(H)


Approx. 6,5 kg

Available currencies

Load up to 15 currencies

Hopper/Stacker capacity

Max. 300 notes / Max. 200 notes

Feeding Type

Roller friction system


RS-232, USB


Full CIS, UV, MG and IR

Power supply

100~240V 50/60Hz Free voltage






Banknote Banding Machine




Material: OPP tape ,Paper tape( 100-120mu) x L150mm

Banding size: W 25-200mm; H 5-150mm

Banding speed: 25pcs/minute

Banding guide: 120-200mm

Banding tension: 5-40N

Power: 120W

Machine size: 410 x 320 x 350mm

Machine weight: 24kg






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